Marketing Automation Team Notes

New Home, New Partnership

In January 2022, the Marketing Automation (MA) team moved from the Division of Continuing Studies to the Department of Information Technology. More than just migrating the few blocks from Park St. to Dayton St., this move matched us with our “other half,” the One Badger Constituent/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) team. Together we form Enterprise CRM and Engagement Solutions (ECES).  

Connecting our Constituent/Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation systems allow marketers to get a complete picture of each of their constituents’ interactions with not just individual departments or programs, but also to understand how they relate to (via touch points with) other parts of campus and the University as a whole. And marketing automation (in our case, Eloqua) allows us all to then personalize and streamline our communications for all constituents (i.e. not spam them), while creating a 360-degree circle of support, hence the name “One Badger” instead of the same Badger student, staff, donor, or faculty member’s contact info. copied into hundreds of separate campus databases and email programs.  

Welcome Monica Slater: Marketing Automation Administrator–Creative

Jim Padley and Ryan Schwenn welcome a third member to the Marketing Automation (MA) team. Monica is the Eloqua Application Administrator–Creative, helping campus users apply Eloqua to their unique needs. In addition to offering onboarding and training support, Monica will help our users get the most out of what Eloqua has to offer.

Monica Slater joins the group after having been a marketing manager at the Wisconsin Union for six years and UC Berkeley for 10. She also brings private sector and NGO marketing experience to the team. 

We plan to take full advantage of Monica’s formal training in marketing at the bachelor’s and master’s levels and her 20+ years of client side marketing strategy to support and elevate UW-Madison marketing. Reach out to her at

Request Eloqua or assistance using it via, or explore Eloqua tips and tricks on  

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