Data Compliance Form

Marketing Automation and Eloqua Compliance Form for UW-Madison


As an employee of University of Wisconsin-Madison, you may be entrusted with certain responsibilities and special privileges. During the normal execution of your job you may encounter or have access to sensitive or confidential information. Access, modification, destruction or disclosure of sensitive or confidential information may violate University policy, State or Federal laws. The handling of restricted data is governed by State and Federal privacy laws. Access to student academic records or financial aid data is governed by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
Information governed by these laws may include, but is not limited to:
● Academic records, tests and grades or other academic information.
● Financial information.
● Social security numbers and all other personally identifiable information.
As an employee of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, you must take reasonable steps to protect confidential or sensitive information that you may have access to in the course of business and the normal execution of your job.


The granting of access carries with it an implicit bond of trust that:
● You will store under secure conditions all data that you obtain from on-line pages, data warehouse or
extracted datasets, including printed data as well as on-line transmissions of data (email, fax). Using and
storing Social Security Numbers is strongly discouraged.
● You will be a responsible user of data, whether it is data relating to your own unit or another unit. This is
especially important given the shared environment of Eloqua.
● You will make every reasonable effort to interpret data accurately and in a professional manner.
● You will sign out of the Eloqua system when not using it.
● You will not share your account and password with others. For information on how to create and manage your password, visit .
● You will access only that information you need to perform your job at the University. This means no casual browsing of data.
● You will make every reasonable effort to maintain privacy of the data. This includes knowing what constitutes “directory” or public information and observing the student’s right to withhold this information.
● Whenever personal identifiable student information is requested from you, if you are not certain of the
requestor’s “legitimate educational need to know,” or the student’s desire to withhold information, you will
refer that request to the Registrar’s Office.
o Examples: a student’s advisor requesting the student’s grade point average has a legitimate educational need to know. The chairperson of a social club to which the student belongs who makes the same request does not have a legitimate educational need to know.


Misuse of the data in or from this system will subject you to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination, fines, and imprisonment.


I understand my obligations as a responsible user of the data to which I have been granted access. By signing this form I certify I am a user of Eloqua Marketing Automation data and I agree to abide by the state and federal laws and University policies that apply to the proper use of data.


Signature: Date:
For additional information regarding FERPA, contact the Office of the Registrar.