The WiscList email list service relies on aging software and has experienced significant delays and other issues over the last year. The software vendor has not been able to assist with issues the university has experienced, so DoIT has announced the migration of WiscList email distribution lists to other existing services. Migration plans included Google Groups, Office 365 Groups or Eloqua.

Eloqua is the suggested replacement for WiscList’s eMail Marketing service. If you are sending graphic or HTML messages that track sends, opens and clicks, Eloqua may be a good match for you.

If you just need a distribution list, Google Groups may be a better fit for you. 

Learn more about DoIT’s WiscList migration plans, as well as WiscList vs. Eloqua below.

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WiscList FAQs

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Who is Eloqua for?

Eloqua is recommended for users who want to create graphic, trackable emails that are sent distributed to a list. Familiarity with email marketing basics and/or experience with an email marketing tool (such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or WiscList List Manager) are recommended.

It is recommended that users have time to devote to learn a new program, as well. Eloqua on-boarding and training requires a time commitment in the form of interactive, online training, practice with the tool, and completing “homework” assignments to customize your user group before sending an email.

I just need a distribution list. Is Eloqua the tool for me?

Nope! Eloqua is a comprehensive email marketing tool for creating graphic, trackable emails that you want to send to a list of contacts at once. You cannot use an Eloqua list outside of Eloqua (e.g., in Outlook). If you just need a list of contacts, please check into Google Groups.

Can I create graphic/HTML emails in Eloqua?

You can create graphic emails by using the drag-and-drop Design Editor or uploading HTML.

Can I pull analytics from Eloqua? What can I track?

Eloqua tracks email sends, opens and clicks, visible in dashboards, graphics (heat maps, charts) and spreadsheet reports, which are exportable. Using Eloqua Insight, users can run reports on the effectiveness of emails, campaigns, landing pages, forms, and more.

Does Eloqua feature distribution lists like WiscList?

Eloqua emails are sent using segments, dynamic contact lists. However, Eloqua does not have the following WiscList capabilities:

  • Ability to subscribe to a list by sending an email to the list. Eloqua subscriptions are managed via email preference pages and unsubscribe links in emails.
  • Data-driven lists. Eloqua is not connected to official campus databases. Any data-driven lists will still need to be requested from the source have used before and uploaded into Eloqua.
  • Eloqua is not a listserv-type tool. Although it sends mass emails, it does not facilitate back and forth conversations between a group.

How many lists can I have in Eloqua?

Unlike WiscList, Eloqua does not organize and separate contacts by list. Instead, users have a pool of assets (emails, landing pages and forms) and a pool of contacts. When a user sends an email, they select the content they want to use and then pull in the contacts they want to distribute into a list called a segment.

This means:

  • Users do not have to re-create an email for each list. Instead, a user can create an email once and attach it to multiple campaigns to send to multiple lists.
  • Eloqua deduplicates, so users do not accidentally send an email twice to the same email address.
  • Subscription status (opt in and out preferences) are not tied to a single list.

How do I use images in Eloqua?

Users do not have to host their own images to use Eloqua. Instead, users upload images to Eloqua to use right away, and/or in future projects.

Can I send to on- or off-campus recipients in Eloqua?

You can send to @wisc.edu email addresses or off-campus recipients.

How do I get help migrating my emails and contacts from WiscList to Eloqua?

Please begin the on-boarding process by requesting Eloqua, and we can discuss the best way to migrate your data to Eloqua.

When is WiscList going away?

Please refer to DoIT’s WiscList Migration page for the most up-to-date information.

Should I migrate from WiscList to Eloqua, Google Groups or Office 365 Groups?

Please see DoIT’s migration plans for each WiscList service. If you have questions, you can contact DoIT at wisclist-feedback@lists.wisc.edu or the marketing automation team at marketingautomation@wisc.edu.

Can I use Eloqua to send to a WiscList, Google Group or Office 365 group?

Using Eloqua to send an email to a distribution list or group is not recommended for three reasons:

  • A major benefit of using Eloqua is being able to track interactions. By sending tracking code for one person to a list of many, you will not have useful analytics.
  • Due to how Eloqua sends email, and listservs and groups handle subscriptions, no emails will be delivered to the list or recipients.
  • WiscList does not allow messages large messages (e.g., image-heavy emails larger than 5 MB) to be distributed. Most Eloqua emails will be too large.

This use is not supported.

However, some units do use multiple tools for separate messages. For instance, a department may use a Google Group to forward an email about scholarships to students in their major. Then they may use Eloqua to create and send their weekly newsletter. Having a suite of tools to use for different purposes may be effective for your group.

What if I want to use Google Groups or Office 365 Groups?

Please work with DoIT to migrate your WiscLists if you plan to use Google Groups or Office 365 Groups. You can find FAQs and more details on the migration page.

I don't like Google or Microsoft. Can I use Eloqua to avoid those companies?

Eloqua is likely not a good match for you if you are simply looking to avoid using a Google or Microsoft (Office 365) service. To find more details on the WiscList migration project, please check out DoIT’s resources.

I get my contacts from WiscList Custom/WFAA/HRS/SIS/Registrar's Office. Can I pull these lists from Eloqua?

Users will continue to request and/or export contacts from their normal data sources and import them into Eloqua.