Marketing Automation Service

Helping UW-Madison departments use data to create relevant communications and engagements through a variety of media—saving time, improving effectiveness, and removing redundancy.

Currently Offering

Training, Support & Best Practices for:

Oracle Eloqua email campaign management

In Pilot Testing:

  • Event Campaigns (invitation and response management)
  • Event Registration Management

Additional engagement solutions to come.

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What is Eloqua?

Eloqua is an Oracle product that executes both email marketing (simple mass email campaigns) and marketing automation (multistep, automated marketing workflows). You can send graphic, trackable emails to on- and off-campus recipients. Recipient lists can be segmented by characteristic or interaction. Website visits and email interactions (opens, clicks, sends) are tracked in dashboards and reports.  At UW-Madison, we primarily use Eloqua’s email campaign features.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is technology that manages marketing processes and multifunctional campaigns, across multiple channels, systematically.  A marketing automation system can communicate with your contacts using pre-programmed automated workflows, based on your recipients’ actions and characteristics (behavior data). Each contact can have a personalized journey through a campaign, depending on programmable factors such as timing, interactions, demographics, or anything able to be tracked.

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