Email marketing sends graphic, trackable emails (usually with text, images and links) to multiple recipients at once.

These mass emails could be sent to inform, announce or market to an audience.

Examples include newsletters, event invitations, alerts and promotions.

Marketing automation communicates with your contacts using an automated workflow, based on your recipients’ actions and characteristics.

Each contact has a personalized journey through your campaign, depending on factors you control, such as timing, interactions and demographics.

Eloqua is an Oracle product that executes both email marketing (simple mass email sends) and marketing automation (multistep, automated marketing workflows).

It is free to UW-Madison users and fully supported.

To request Eloqua access, contact the marketing automation team.

About Eloqua

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Graphic, trackable emails

Eloqua sends customizable emails with text, images and links.

Emails created using the Design Editor are responsive, and you can preview emails in desktop, tablet or mobile mode.

Insightful analytics

Oracle’s business intelligence tool, Insight, provides interactive dashboards and reports to give you a better idea of what to send to whom, when.

User-friendly Design Editor for easy, beautiful emails

The drag-and-drop Design Editor allows users to easily create branded, responsive emails. By dragging layout options and blocks of content (e.g., images, text blocks or graphics) onto the canvas, you can put together a sleek email in a snap.

Dynamic, segmented contact lists

Instead of segregated lists, you have access to all of your contacts in one pool. You can create static contact lists or segments based on your filter criteria for a dynamic, updated list. Filters can be created based on detailed demographic details or your digital interactions with your contacts (sends, clicks, etc.).

All communication preferences in Eloqua are connected to email addresses, not lists, so Eloqua automatically removes duplicates and opt-outs from your email sends.

Access anywhere

Eloqua is a cloud application, accessed through the Firefox browser, so anywhere you have internet access, you can access Eloqua.

(Please note Eloqua does use UW-Madison’s Net ID and Duo multifactor authentication.)

Fully customizable templates

Create templates for your organization, so your entire team can easily send branded communications. In Eloqua, you can prevent or allow changes to many parts of your message.

  • You can control the email’s style by specifying typefaces and colors.
  • Set the design of your email by creating a frozen layout.
  • Lock or unlock individual blocks of content. For instance, you can prevent changes to one text block, while leaving another as editable placeholder text for your user.

Simple email sends or automated campaigns

Eloqua allows you to send simple email sends by simply selecting a list, choosing an email and determining when the content is distributed.

But, advanced users can also take advantage of automated, multistep campaigns that create tailored customer journeys, based on your contacts’ demographics and online footprint.

One-stop shop for your graphics

Once you upload your graphics to Eloqua, they are stored in your group’s folder for any of your users to access and utilize, across emails and landing pages. There is also a small library of university-wide logos, graphics and social media icons.

Your Team

Jim Padley photoJim Padley is an IT manager and the Eloqua service manager.

Jim has more than 30 years of IT experience, working with both large and small clients to enable business solutions that leverage information technology. He has experience implementing large-scale infrastructure projects, packaged implementations, and large- and small-scale software development projects (agile and waterfall).  He brings the ability to provide a strategic roadmap and then implement it consistently in sometimes difficult situations.

Jim is originally from Madison and has a BS in Management and an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.

You can reach Jim at jim.padley@wisc.edu or 608-265-2624.

Lori Wilson photoAs the marketing automation administrator, Lori Wilson works with units across the university on Eloqua training, troubleshooting and best practices.

Previously, Lori was the Marketing and Communications Director for the UW E-Business Consortium. She has 15 years of experience in marketing and communications, sales, and event planning in a wide variety of fields, such as architecture and engineering consulting, real estate and publishing.

Lori originally hails from Kansas, where she earned her BS in Mass Communications from Kansas State University.

You can reach Lori at lori.wilson@wisc.edu or 608-265-0413.

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