Research Email Service

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, as part of its mission as a research institution, allows campus-affiliated researchers to use email to send its faculty, staff, and students information about research subject participation opportunities.

Research Email Service sends messages on your behalf to general groups on campus, including students, faculty/staff, or your own list of email addresses. Use of these email addresses has been approved by the campus data custodians:  Registrar’s Office for students or Office of Human Resources for faculty/staff.

  • Recipient categories: all current UW–Madison employees or all current UW–Madison students, filterable on age and gender.
  • Plain text only – no graphics, font colors, etc. of any kind are offered.
  • Subject line length limit: 40 characters.
  • Text will be reviewed to ensure that the message is compliant with University policies.
  • No additional cost—this service will now be included (for researchers only) in technology support.
  • Sender Email Name: UW–Madison Research
  • Sender Email Address:
  • Additional list filtering: we cannot further filter lists.
  • Randomization: we cannot randomize a list of contacts.
    • If you would like your emails sent to random contacts, you may acquire the list from the Registrar’s Office (for students) or the Office of Human Resources (faculty/staff) and adjust the data to create your final list.
    • You may indicate this on the form and upload your list for submission.

Research Email Request Form: