Frequently Asked Questions

Email Marketing and Marketing Automation FAQs

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing sends graphic, trackable emails (usually with text, images and links) to multiple recipients at once.

These mass emails could be sent to inform, announce or market to an audience.

Examples include newsletters, event invitations, alerts and promotions.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation communicates with your contacts using an automated workflow, based on your recipients’ actions and characteristics. Each contact has a personalized journey through your campaign, depending on factors you control, such as timing, interactions and demographics.

Do I have to do marketing automation to use Eloqua?

No, Eloqua also handles simple “one-off” emails, where you select a list of contacts, the email you want to send (with text, graphics and/or links) and send immediately or schedule for a later time.

I use Mailchimp/Constant Contact/Emma/Campaign Monitor to send graphic, trackable emails. Can Eloqua do this?

Yes, Eloqua excels at sending responsive, graphic emails that track sends, clicks and opens. Depending on what you are comparing it to, Eloqua has most or all of the same features that other common email marketing services provide.

Eloqua FAQs

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What is Eloqua?

Eloqua is an Oracle product that executes both email marketing (simple mass email sends) and marketing automation (multistep, automated marketing workflows). You can send graphic, trackable emails to on- and off-campus recipients. Marketing lists can be segmented by characteristic or interaction. Website visits and email interactions (opens, clicks, sends) are tracked in dashboards and reports.

How do you pronounce Eloqua?

Good question! It is similar to the word “eloquent,” but swap the “-qwint” for “-qwa.” You can hear an Oracle trainer say Eloqua in this video.

How much does Eloqua cost?

Eloqua is currently free-of-charge to UW-Madison users. It does not matter how many contacts you upload, emails you send, or users you have in your group.

How do I get Eloqua?

Start the process by filling out an Eloqua request.

Do I have to use Eloqua?

You do not have to use Eloqua. However, Eloqua is the only service that is supported by the university.

How many people use Eloqua?

There are about 95 active user groups (units, departments, colleges, centers, etc.) across UW-Madison who currently use Eloqua.

Can I pull lists from official campus databases (SIS, CSIS, WFAA, etc.) in Eloqua?

Eloqua does not have dynamic integrations with official campus databases that you can pull lists from. Instead, users download their contacts from the original sources and upload them into Eloqua.

Is Eloqua a CRM?

Although Eloqua contains many details on contacts, it should not be used for customer relationship management (as a CRM or LRM). To learn more about OneBadger CRM, please check out

Is Eloqua a WiscList replacement?

Depending on your use of WiscList, Eloqua may be a good fit for your email marketing needs.

If you are looking for information on what features are included with Google Groups, Office 365 Groups, and Eloqua, you can find that here.

If you are looking for mass email alternatives, you can find that information here.

If you are looking for the differences between an Office 365 Group, an Office 365 Security Group, a Contact list, and a Google Group, you can find that here.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at

Can I send an Eloqua email to a (WiscList or Google Groups) distribution list?

Using Eloqua to send an email to a distribution list or group is not recommended for three reasons:

  • A major benefit of using Eloqua is being able to track interactions. By sending tracking code for one person to a list of many, you will not have useful analytics.
  • Due to how Eloqua sends email, and listservs and groups handle subscriptions, no emails will be delivered to the list or recipients.
  • WiscList does not allow messages large messages (e.g., image-heavy emails larger than 5 MB) to be distributed. Most Eloqua emails will be too large.

This use is not supported.

However, many Eloqua users maintain a Google Group for text-only, untracked messages, in addition to using Eloqua for planned, graphic and trackable messages.

Can I use Eloqua to send emails to email addresses? What about addresses?

Eloqua can send to any valid email address, assuming the owner of the address has not unsubscribed from your content. Eloqua can be used for communications to university email addresses (that end in or other email addresses (e.g.,, However, all messages sent via Eloqua must be sent from

Can I send from a custom email address?

Due to campus regulations, all emails sent from Eloqua must end in You cannot send from any other domain (e.g., or subdomain (e.g., or can customize the “before the @” part of the email address, but you must send from an address that ends in

The reply-to email address (the address that receives an email if your read clicks Reply on your email) can be customized per email. For more details, please contact the marketing automation team.