Marketing Automation Team partners with DoIT Help Desk to offer streamlined support

The Marketing Automation Team is pleased to announce that you can now use DoIT Help Desk services to find Eloqua help.

If you have a question, issue or problem with Eloqua, you can now turn to DoIT to start your support request:

You can also view and track your Eloqua help requests using the DoIT Help Portal.


By combining forces with DoIT Help Desk, the Marketing Automation Team can:

    • streamline the troubleshooting process. By using DoIT’s Help Portal, the Marketing Automation team can more efficiently track, update and resolve your requests.
    • increase coverage. Instead of being limited to Jim and Lori’s availability, you are now backed up by the entire DoIT Help Desk team.
    • more quickly access existing solutions. The more we use the DoIT Help Portal, the more solutions will be easily accessible to DoIT Help Desk agents and the Marketing Automation Team.

If you do contact the Marketing Automation Team directly, you will see a DoIT Help Desk ticket created for your request.

Additionally, the Eloqua KnowledgeBase is always available for training, refreshers and troubleshooting. This resource is constantly being updated with new articles and videos. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email