New Features from Oracle Eloqua (Releases 22A & B)

The Eloqua we experience now is forever changing. Oracle is constantly improving and adjusting to keep pace with other tools and technology. New features are shared quarterly in “Releases.” Making time to learn the new Oracle Eloqua features can “up” your marketing game. We summarize the Feb. ‘22 set of updated features and what’s to come for the May ‘22 release.

New Oracle Eloqua Features:

February Release (22A)

In February 2022, in response to Apple’s 2021 email privacy handling and the effect those had on the opens we see in our Eloqua instance, the “assumed non-human made clicks” were removed. Then many users saw a dramatic drop in the average number of “Opens” in our Campaign Metrics. Open rates are a very important metric for marketers, so many users gave Oracle input (quite emphatically, we imagine) on how to handle this better.

May 2022, (Release 22B)

Coming soon, you will see a new email metric available designating the non-human made clicks calling them “Auto Clicks.” This new metric will allow us to access this data in our reports, see which clicks were most likely made by people, and which could have been made by a scanning, privacy tool or “bot,” thereby restoring and improving a key campaign success measurement. Currently this new auto open metric is not included in system generated reports like operational reports, dashboards, and email analytics but Oracle is working on adding those.
In the next release we are going to be able to see both “natural” and auto opens. More on this as it unfolds.