Outbound SMS (Text) Messaging Campus Pilot

We are currently conducting a Short Message Service (SMS), a.k.a. “mobile texting” pilot to learn how best to apply this Eloqua feature to our campus needs.

Eloqua SMS supports a variety of use cases:

  • Lead Generation: Find people who are interested in your business and turn them into paying customers through SMS. Capture leads using two-way long/short codes or by using link tracking feature.
  • Emergency Notifications: Use SMS messages to quickly reach out to your customers to update them on situations like service unavailability. Use shortened links to direct users to pages with details and updates.
  • Personalization: Add a personal touch to your SMS campaigns by sending personalized messages. Address your customers by their names and tailored details.
  • Event Reminders and Registrations: Send reminder messages to your event registrants.
  • Reach out to prospects to offer them assistance and incentivize them to complete their orders or registrations.
  • Surveys and Polls: Gather customer feedback.

We are expanding our pilot to a few more groups this summer. If all goes well, we will move forward with allowing more of you who are interested to have this feature enabled.

If you think your department is going to want to reach your constituents via SMS, now is the time to think about how to collect their mobile numbers and to ask them to opt in to this feature.

Oracle Eloqua offers SMS for native multi-channel orchestration. The SMS feature includes:

  • Marketer and subscriber-initiated response messages.
  • SMS-specific and cross-channel campaign orchestration.
  • Comprehensive reporting within Eloqua: Operational reports & Insight Reports

The mechanics of this bear a little explanation. Our pilot project enables our campus testers to send tailored mass text messages out to their audiences via their own sender code. If your department or program wants to use your own “from” sender ID short code, there is a cost incurred. Otherwise the standard 10-digit (i.e. phone number sender ID), the cost is included with our current Eloqua instance.

Read more about how Eloqua SMS functions in the Eloqua Help Center.