Avoid this Email Error: Set Your “From” Address Correctly

We continue to have campus users inadvertently sending out emails with the incorrect sender email (a.k.a.“from”).  Please remember to use the mail server: @explore.wisc.edu, and add any name/wording you like before the @ symbol, but @explore.wisc.edu must followAnd remember to set the reply-to address as something unique to your department or program so you can receive responses. 

You can find this in Eloqua Email Settings:


Make sure you open the “Advanced” arrow (circled in red) to be able to edit the advanced fields each time you create an email.  

Errors in the “From Address,” like forgetting the @explore.wisc.edu mail server needs to be used at all times, cause ripple effects that affect your colleagues and their email efforts across campus. While the Marketing Automation Team does our best to fix issues as they happen, we want to remind you that if your incorrect sender email address causes bounces, your colleagues on campus cannot reach that same person if they are also on your colleagues’ lists (which is highly likely in our system).